Toft Merchandise

Where to buy Toft Clothing

 As a club we don’t hold our own stock but have partnered with JS Sports – one of the leading kit providers in the UK so if you click on the button it will take you to the Toft store where you can buy a range of Toft merchandise.

As a club we like everyone to play in club kit but appreciate it can be expensive to buy everything so we don’t have a direct policy on what you must buy.

From a junior perspective we do however include a Hoodie and junior playing shirt with your membership which is given out at the start of each season. This is done in conjunction with one of our main sponsors, Wharfe Planning and we are delighted to have agreed a 3-year term with them as one of the Clubs 3 main sponsors.

Toft Store

Please click on the button below to visit the Toft store at JS Sports.